I’ll Never Find Another You

There ought to be a word describing the despair you feel after devouring a book so good, you doubt you’ll ever be able to love another. How do you move on from a love like that? Try these few tips:

1. Explore other “types.” If you always go for that romance novel, try something totally different. Switching up genres might be your answer. It’ll make it harder to compare the two titles!
2. Stick to the tried and true: your “type.” Here’s what I mean by that: visit the book section at Target, identify your heart-breaker, and look to the left. You’ve seen the signs: If you liked this title, try this one! Check out whatshouldireadnext.com or look for similar titles on Goodreads!
3. Rebound. You know, reread it!
4. Catharsis. Get it out! Write about it. Talk about it until nobody wants to talk to you anymore. Find some way to find closure!
5. Try a different format. If you read a physical book, try an e-book or an audiobook, perhaps a graphic novel. Find a different way to engage the senses.
6. Take a break! Allow some time for YOU, girl! You know what they say, time heals all wounds.

What are your tips and tricks for moving on from a great book?


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